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Before wawa became a butterfly

2017-07-19 14:03:48

Before wawa became a butterfly

Today, Canvas Kids introduces you to Wawa butterflies.


The beautiful butterflies that we have seen have four life stages:

Egg Stage

A  butterfly  lays  its eggs  on leaves that become  food for newly -

hatched caterpillars. The butterfly has to carefully pick  leaves  that

are suitable as  food sources.  It takes about 3 - 5 days for  eggs to

hatch into caterpillars.

Larva Stage

Butterfly caterpillars come in many colors. The majority of them are

cigar-shaped. A caterpillar’s body has three sections: head, thorax,

and abdomen. The shell of its egg becomes the first energy source

for a caterpillar before it starts eating leaves.

Pupa Stage

A caterpillar goes into a cocoon made out of fiber covering  or small

objects  found  in  its  habitat held  together with  fibers.  After 7-10

days inside the cocoon without any food,  the caterpillar  undergoes

a metamorphosis and emerges as a butterfly.


Finally out,  the butterfly  holds on to the  cocoon  and  hangs  itself

upside down until its blood has completely perfused its  new wings.

After a  quick  show  of  its  new  wings  and  a  few  test  flaps,  the

butterfly soars through the air in search for food.



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