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Snack for well-behaved children

2017-07-14 11:56:23

Snack for well-behaved children

Canvas Kids  takes  you  to  the  past.  Let’s  look  in  610,  when the

snack for well - behaved children,  known in the present as pretzels,

was first made.


Pretzels were invented by  an Italian priest  who  wanted to reward

well-behaved children and encouraged them to continue their good

behavior. He made bread in a shape resembling a praying posture -

two arms crossed at the chest level - and called it  “pretiola”  which

means the  reward for goodness.  The name  was slowly  altered to


Anne Beiler eventually developed pretzels from the original recipe of

the priest  into  the form  that  we know today.  Today’s  pretzel  is a

highly  fragrant  snack  that  has  golden  crust on  the  outside,  but

remains soft on the inside.

Find out more about the Pretzels in 3D by downloading Canvas Kids, 

Funny Dessert set and start coloring.



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