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Explore elephant kingdom

2017-08-30 14:55:10

Explore elephant kingdom

Modern day  elephants  belong to  two categories:  Asian  elephants

and African elephants.

Asian elephants live in Asia such as in Thailand, Myanmar, and India.

They are about 3 meters tall. They have large skulls and brains. They

are highly intelligent and can be trained for specific tasks.

African elephants live in Africa. At 3-5 meters tall, they are generally

taller  than  Asian  elephants.  Their  skulls  are smaller than  those  of

Asian  elephants,  which  make  them a  bit  less  intelligent.  They are

easily angry. Large ears are their defining features.

How to figure out an elephant’s gender:

  • Female elephants  (cow elephants)  have no tusks.  Sometimes
    small tusk - like features appear in female elephants. These are
    called tushes.
  • Male elephants (bull elephants) have long and  distinctive tusks.
    However,  bulls that have smaller  tusks  are  generally stronger
    and become leaders of their herds.
  • All African elephants regardless of gender have tusks. Therefore,
    gender  identification  through the appearance  of tusks alone is
    not sufficient in African elephants.



Source : Facebook Fanpage - Surin Elephant 

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