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Manta Ray, the intelligent

2017-10-12 16:49:41

Manta Ray, the intelligent

Not only  are manta  rays  the  largest  rays,  there  are  many  more

interesting facts about them. Follow Canvas Kids  as  we  exploring


Manta ray  has  more  than  one  species.   Modern  biologists  have

classified  them into  two species  for  further studying:

  • Oceanic  Manta  Rays  are  large  rays.   Their  wingspans  are
    typically 6-7 meters.  They can be found in the Andaman sea.

  • Reef Manta Rays are smaller rays. Their wingspans are 3 - 4.5
    meters. They are social animals and live in herds.  We can find
    them in the Maldives and Indonesia, for example.

Their  brains   weigh  as  much   as  their  bodies.    Manta  rays  are

considered highly intelligent. They are able to jump out of the water

and  shake  themselves  to  remove attached parasites or suckerfish,

or just to get  female rays  attention  for  mating.   Sometimes,  they

might  even  jump out  of  the water just for fun, a behavior typically

found in more intelligent animals.

Find out more about the Manta Ray in  3D  by downloading Canvas

Kids, Ocean World set and start coloring.



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